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Our Philosophy

We are Fit Four Recovery

"Fit Four Recovery" is a "Value" based program; "Where there is value, commitment follows; where there is commitment, results follow." You will enjoy the results of a committed exercise routine, as the benefits will become evident throughout the body and mind! Many aspects of our intricate God-given system from circulation, to heart health, weight management and stress relief, not to mention cognition, will see a tremendous improvements including heart health, weight management and stress relief while detoxing the body. all while aiding in detoxifying the body.

The Fit Four Recovery Vision

While presently on hiatus from professional football and thus, focusing my efforts, gifts and talents in the area of recovery. I have witnessed the horror of alcohol and drug addiction in our culture, and have personally experienced the devastation of the disease.

Fit Four Recovery is dedicated and determined to encourage, engage and empower the many that are standing up in the fight against the disease of addiction, this will be accomplished by implementing the fitness component as a compliment to the mental and spiritual elements of recovery.

We at Fit Four Recovery attest to importance of the body, mind, and soul connection in creating and maintaining a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

Fit Four Core

Maximize - Fit Four Recovery provides the perfect foundation to build each client's plan for success. By a dressing 2 vital components of the whole person, body and mind, fit four recovery and powers and equips individuals to take control and move forward.

Body & Mind - Focusing on the reciprocal relationship between body and mind, fit for recovery utilizes life skills and athletic drills as action agents enabling each participant to experience gained in self confidence the belief (I can do it) and self-esteem (how I feel about myself).

Tailored Fit - Based on personalized attention in a positive setting that yields the results you work for, the fit fourl recovery experience is tailored to meet your needs.

Our Program

The Fit Four Recovery Program (FFR) has a foundation in 2 primary disciplines "The Fit Four Development" and "The Fit Four Pillars". These disciplines give you or your client the opportunity to go form "Mired" to "Inspired" using Coach Carl's program.

The Fit Four Development

"Fit Four Development" consist of the following elements:

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Worth

    The Fit Four Pillars

    The "Fit Four Pillars" working in concert with "Fit Four Development"consist of the following elements:

  • Cardio
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Nutrition

    About Coach Carl Hargrave

    About Coach Carl

    As a former coach in the National Football League for 11 years, as well as an extensive tenure of 18 years as an assistant coach at the major college level, Carl Hargrave coached three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals as an Offensive Consultant in 2004. In 2005, Hargraves contributions helped the Cardinals' finish the season with the 8th ranked overall offense in the NFL, and the #1 passing offense (4,437 yards/277.3 yards per game) for the first time in team history.

    Currently vetted in the Recovery Community, Carl is Owner/Coach of "Fit Four Recovery" addressing the fitness component at various Recovery Centers nation wide, where his passion for coaching has evolved from the playing field to the field of life. "I love the energy and the excitement in helping a person who has lost all hope to find a new life in sobriety." Carl is an intricate part of the men and women whose lives are mired in the pains of addiction, encompassing all levels and ages.

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